Nai Vasha is a  creative strategist, farmer, brand developer, artist, and consultant.

Her curiously unique background – from working on farms to modeling in lookbooks to publishing a magazine – and the infinite range of experience she’s accumulated far eclipses the LinkedIn-approved-list-of-marketing-skills-for-endorsement.

Need a lookbook art directed? Done. Need a photographer for said lookbook? No problem. How about a social media strategy and content roll-out plan around said lookbook for the next 3-months? Say no more fam.

Nai Vasha is a modern day Swiss Army knife, if Swiss Army knives could use Notion and Lightroom,  dipped in sauwce (*Gucci Mane voice) with limitless extensions. Even if it can’t do it, it’ll find a way to Prime ship something or someone who can right to your doorstep.