Editorial Director
Honolulu, HI
Oh Wake Magazine
Created by youth activists, for youth activists.

OH-WAKE is a new quarterly Magazine from Ocean Heroes HQ with everything you need to build community, find inspiration, and learn how to apply your skills for a future with clean seas. Read more about the new project in our press release.




Contributor / Photography
Las Vegas
Issue 1 
Make Running magazine is “a pace-setting magazine for those who run”. Each issue looks at one extreme race around the world, and aims to transcribe onto the printed page the conversation that takes place between the mind and the body of a runner.

Adidas Futurecraft

Editorial Director
Portland, OR
Magazine created to educate internal teams and deparments on research and finding related to bra manufacturing and production. 


Managing Editor / Creator
Los Angeles, CA
Issue 9: Age
For Issue 9, we get expert advice from those with years of experience in the game. Through these stories, we uncover clues to the future of training, technology, sustainability and health as everything in life moves in patterns. Let’s collectively learn from our growing pains. Age with us.


Managing Editor / Creator
Los Angeles
Issue 8: Rest & Recovery
Stop the madness for just a second. It’s time for a reset. Fitness is booming but everyone is spinning in circles – not sure of which trend to follow. Injuries are on the rise. Mental health is on everyone’s mind. It’s time for recovery. Time to put as much preparation into the night as day. Rectify any lack of stimulation by finding recovery in this issue. We explore the idea of sleep from several angles. Our budding network of professionals weigh in on food, sleeping patterns, and best practices for better sleep and digestion. Work smarter and not harder with the help of UNDO.