Creative Director
Los Angeles, CA
E3 Installation + Guide
Our booth for E3 was not only a space; it was a curated experience that explored the fusion of cutting-edge technology and artistic brilliance.  Emotion took the spotlight as we infused our creations with a depth that heightened the senses yet left the consumer with a sense of calm. This was in a very chaotic space. Theatrical appeal came alive as our booth became an oasis, where technology and holistic healing harmonized to deliver an unforgettable display.


Set Design + Styling
New York
Fashion Presentations


We kicked off our first NYFW event in 2013, when we debuted our AW13 Superstructures in a presentation at Industria. This collection was inspired by (and required a lot of) mathematical equations such as hyperboloid structures. Chromat also studied the work of sixties futurist architects: Superstudio's monolithic grid structures and Archigram's dystopian visions for future cities.


With SS14 Mathletes we hosted a hybrid presentation/runway show at the Out Hotel. Highlights include activewear, caged out caps, custom Chromat platform shoes and powder coated steel cages. This collection was inspired by competitive mathematics. Team uniforms, sports jerseys and the athleticism and intellectual mastery of NASA Astronauts were referenced in the construction of Chromat SS14.


Las Vegas / New York
Store Display & Installation
In 2011, we were a trusted fabricator for Stussy stores, contributing our expertise to shaping the brand's identity. Our role extended to crafting interior installations for Stussy stores in Las Vegas, as well as meticulously creating display pieces that adorned multiple locations. Through our commitment to creativity and appeal, we successfully delivered custom design projects, ensuring each element aligned seamlessly with the Stussy aesthetic. Reflecting on this period, our work was rooted in dedication to realizing the brand's vision. Our craftsmanship played a pivotal role in enhancing the Stussy retail experience today. While this chapter is in the past, the impact of our collaboration remains a testament to our commitment to being ahead of the curve and always staying true to the tribe. 


Store Representative
Las Vegas
Concept Retail
Established elite clientele worldwide across all forms of mass media to assist in the growth and development of the brand. Specialized in collaborations, acquisitions, and advertising. During the early years of the Las Vegas street-style scene, we hosted celebrity clients, collaborated with the community, and elevated style appeal in Vegas.