Freddie Get Out Those Wigs

January 25, 2020

“There are 22 people in front of me. I don’t have time to just stand here.” 
Walked to the bicycle coffee shop for a vegan sandwich and some cheese tots. Gotta give up the cheese if I want my body to heal right. Yesterday was a homemade grilled on onion bread. I made a turmeric tomato sauce to compliment. Avocado on the side.

I hope that night with Don’t Bother kicked the cook in me. It’s hard to eat a meal made with love with no one to love. That’s probable why I don’t cook for Ebach. I don’t want to blur those lines.

A sweet rose latte w/ oatmeal milk. I’m watching the IFC climbing world cups thinking about my ability. This could be next on the list. 

Smitten. Boys are my favorite type of excitement. This one feels like an old toy car that they no longer make anymore. It’s refreshing. I really hope this helps me feel again bc it’s been way too long. I think he respects me, my brain. One genius to another. We could be powerful, beautiful and peaceful. Gotta get Tikal off the brain.

Gotta get a grip on life.

It feels hectic, yet it’s just me.

Some people find that selfish but I’m in the business of people.

Fuck what they think.