January 29, 2020
Of crs ...
I’m almost finished

The first two I flipped to, were you.

Blk letters in a white world.

“I didn’t like you when I met you”

“Shout out to my niggas in Mexico”

It’s as if you have a guest room in my mind

Every time I think I’ve kicked you out

You brotha man your way onto my 5th floor.

Infiltrating my thoughts.

I can’t tell you how much I love you - unless we’re both boozed

And ur inches from inside me

Taking off the last of my clothes

I can’t octane u

I can’t repay u

I just hope my honesty gives you vigor.

And u know, that I know, that u know, that u summit my list of niggas

Keep giving me memoir level feelings and I’ll keep telling the sun to shine your way.

“I didn’t know when I thought, I don’t like that hoe, it was just my reflection I couldn’t stand. I saw it. The way you would break me into a better me. I ran from it. Like any child, I saw my medicine and it looked so sharp, so exact, a blade fit to the curve of my name. “