It’s still poetry month, rih?

April 23, 2020

I’ve been going back and forth (w/ myself) over what I want to share on this platform. I’m not an expert or accredited scientist, but trust, I’m steady testing these situations and taking notes. Humanity doesn’t deserve me. There, I said it. It doesn’t deserve Bernie, Shiva ... anyone who has been screaming from the mountaintop while y’all sit back and act like you can’t hear anything but a DJ play. My frustration is not in the situation we are in, it’s where we have been. I used to smoke so much weed to just keep me here. To let me engage w/ you simpletons on ur terms and now that I’ve cut that shit, I’m still trying to figure out how to embrace the ignants w/ no judgement.  It’s hard. You make it hard to want for more when you just want to let life pass u by while others (self included) are out here trying to live their  ancestors dreams. I struggle with my passion. Never my faith or my fears but my desire to do this for ppl who no longer want to try or fight. Ppl who are just waiting for life to pass them by. I come from a lineage of freedom fighters and my torch is always on its last ember. Then the wind kicks in and there I am, again, on fire. I could post the research but then I gotta remind niggas to read. I could share the videos but then clowns wanna ask me what apps I use to edit the feed. I could fight with the right but no one has time for all that, esp when u black and a woman to bat. So I just float my ass in the ocean and wait for God to speak to me. Humans ain’t saying nothing but “help” but when it’s time they don’t know themselves. Been in my feelings about this for a few days and this is the most unedited realness I’ve shared since I’ve been here. I keep trying to walk away but there’s a reason I’m still here.