Life is a search for pull quotes.

February 25, 2020

I have to be on camera today and the thought of it is nerve-racking. I wish I would have spent more time telling my computer all these stories instead of selfish people. The only bit of my ego I like to give away is this and I have nothing to show for it. Ha.  

My face gets puffy when I smoke. I’ve been over consuming bc I know I’m done. It’s having other effects on me. I know my mood is often settled and I’m bleekly nonchalant. It’s really bc the j is all I put my mouth on even though I would much rather it be a lovers lips.
Horny. Ha.

I’ve gotta play this game that makes me cringe.

Ice my face.

Repout the lips.

Paint my eyes to make them sparkle.

Ta da.