We are a bi-annual print publication founded in 2014 to expose a lifestyle of strength, health, and community. UNDO was created by a group of artists, athletes, and health professionals from around the world dedicated to promoting strength, health, and community. The magazine serves as a platform for resourceful information, packaged creatively for easy digestion. Collectively, our community of contributors aims to educate, inform and provide hope for all ages. Each issue is thematic, designed to be evergreen. Think of it as a resource book that can always be referenced. Community-driven, our goal is to be a panacea that unites us in our ways. Content verticals include nutrition, mental health, physical health, fitness, community and lifestyle. This print publication is a sense-stimulating representation of our culture. It is every bead of creativity, tact, and sweat bottled up and served to you.

Issue 9—Age With Us

Our fascination with youth culture is throwing us into a frenzy. With an emphasis to keep our skin, bodies, and energy young, we rarely make time for conversations about aging until it is too late.

Aging is a natural process of life and though we as humans aim to keep things young, we inevitably will experience the joys aging. This issue talks about the GREY AREA. We punch in on topics about bone, eye, skin health along with some help with those “diseases” that seem to appear at a certain age.

We get expert advice from people with years of experience in the game. Through these stories, we will uncover clues to the future of training, technology, sustainability and health as everything in life moves in patterns. Let’s collectively learn from our growing pains. Age with us.

Issue 8 — Sleep & Restoration

Stop the madness for just a second. It’s time for a reset. Fitness is booming but everyone is spinning in circles – not sure of which trend to follow. Injuries are on the rise. Mental health is on everyone’s mind. It’s time for recovery. Time to put as much preparation into the night as day. Rectify any lack of stimulation by finding recovery in the eighth issue of Undo Magazine. In this issue, we explore the idea of sleep from several angles. Our budding network of professionals weigh in on food, sleeping patterns and best practices for better sleep and digestion. Work smarter and not harder with the help of UNDO ORDINARY.

Issue 7 — Addictions, Prescriptions, Supplements

As creatures of habit, we create systems to provide comfort and ease. Be it life’s trials, love’s quarrels, family drama, or just the need to be free, we all find escapism in some type of routine. This issue is an exploration into all of the things that make us the same. The secrets of our truths and how we use our time here to impact others. We exist in a culture that obsesses over art while ignoring the madness of artistry. Fluorescents in a room of smoke and mirrors. Not everything we see is what it seems and this magazine is positioned to offer truth to those who seek it. Community-driven, our goal is to be a panacea that unites us in our ways. We’re all just trying to find the perfect footing between life and vice.

Issue 6 — Voice of the People

The theme for Issue 6 is “not so ordinary.” This issue is about the here and now. How we stay balanced. How we survive in an environment that seems shaken. How the human body is designed to heal itself, as long as we are good to it. This issue is about how to be good to different bodies. Especially those that don’t look like yours. We are here to shed light on what else is going on in the world. Real information. Real activism. Real activity.